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What is a mink blanket?

When you see, or hear, the term "mink blanket" it conjures up an image. You picture a blanket made from the pelt of many small minks. You will be glad to know that this term does not refer to a blanket that is actually made from animal fur.  The term "mink blanket" was created by manufactures to denote an image of a very luxurious, soft and warm blanket. The material used is most often acrylic. 

What designs are available?

We carry a design for every person.  We have sport teams, animal designs, solid colors, flowers, cartoons, rock bands, movie stars, and baby designs.  

What sizes are available?

  • baby / crib size 110 cm. x 140 cm. (varies slightly)
  • twin / full size 60" x 80"
  • queen size 200 cm. x 240 cm. or 79" x 95"
  • king size 87" x 95"
  • Designs are usually only available in one size.

What is the quality of your blankets?

We carry the highest quality of mink blankets as our company is driven by repeat business.

How do I care for my blanket?
Machine wash cold with soap.  Don't use fabric softener.  Extra rinse cycle is recommended.
Dry on low heat, air fluff, or air dry.  High heat will damage the fibers.